What Color is YOUR Office Chair?

office chair philippinesSome people think that color plays an insignificant role when deciding what office chairs to choose. Well, the truth of the matter is, color is one of the most important aspects of creating your workplace.

There are other considerations when choosing office chairs for your workplace. There are people who consider price to be at the top of the totem pole. Some look at comfort as the deciding factor.

Color, when played well, can evoke particular moods and emotions that would otherwise not have been present with mere white furniture. Wouldn’t it be wise to take advantage of colors power to increase your office productivity?

Choose cool colors like blue or green to calm your employees, or go with warm colors like red or yellow to energize them. In the psychology of the colors, red, for example, exudes passions, warmth, adventure, and optimism. Some advertising companies, even real estate companies, have red as their dominant color to ignite enthusiasm into their personnel.

Not only emotions are affected by the color of your office chair but also the perception of your visitors. If you have a small office, the color of your furniture can make it look wider. Choose dark colored chairs and tables or any office furniture to make the space appear wider, or choose light colored paints on your walls to create the illusion of vast space.

Use an Executive Chair with Lumbar Support in Your Office

executive-chairThink about this. You are on your office chair 8 hours a day. 5 days a week. More often than not, in a couple of years, you’ll begin to experience back pains.

Do you know that an improper sitting position could damage  your back? Yes, and most of the time the lumbar area of your spine would be the part hardly hit.

I know of a friend who is a programmer. At the office he seldom takes his break. Whenever I invite him for a cup of coffee at the local mess hall, he would frown and point to his boss as giving him an urgent task.

Well, two years after he complained of his back pains. And the cause? his improper sitting position. He was just using an ordinary chair with a straight hard back.

The human spine is somewhat curved at the near bottom so if the chair you are using has a straight back, put a rolled towel in your back to provide support for the lumbar area of your spine.

Better yet, dispose your old chair and buy a new office chair with lumbar support. This would cost a little higher than ordinary chairs but at least this takes care of your back problems.